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jimmy riley

live it to know it

pressure sounds


Released: 16th Mar 2015



Released: 16th Mar 2015


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cracking 17 track set of Jimmy Riley self productions - Some real obscurities mixed with classic material.

Jimmy started out with the Uniques as a harmony singer and then moved on to become a lead vocalist after Slim Smith's death. Jimmy worked with Jamaica's best producers as well as crafting an excellent body of work that were released on his own labels such Pee, Yes and Full Moon. This set focus's on his his self produced protest song between 1975 to 1985.

live it to know it


  1. Gunman of JA - Jimmy Riley
  2. Guman of JA - King Tubbys Dub plate mix (previously un-released)
  3. Jackit - Jimmy Riley
  4. Westcoat - Skin Flesh and Bones
  5. Nyah-Bingi - Jimmy Riley (extended mix)
  6. From the Ghetto - Jimmy Riley
  7. From the Ghetto version
  8. Feeling is believing - Jimmy Riley
  9. Feeling is believing version
  10. Give Thanks and Praise - Jimmy Riley (extended mix)
  11. Tell the youths the truth - Jimmy Riley (extended mix)
  12. Majority Rule - Jimmy Riley
  13. Majority Rule version
  14. Bridge the Gap - Jimmy Riley (extended mix)
  15. Everyone needs money - Jimmy Riley
  16. Everyone needs money version
  17. Poor Immigrant - Jimmy Riley