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Jane Weaver

The Silver Globe (Deluxe)

Bird Records


Released: 30th Mar 2015


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Released: 30th Mar 2015


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an expanded edition of the highly acclaimed album, including a 2nd full-length disc called ‘The Amber Light’, which follows the original album with the same dedication & adventurous zeal.

  Weaver’s 6th solo album, is as multifaceted as it is beguiling - Part coming of age / part cautionary tale / part romantic paeon, is 12 track synth ridden post-apocalyptic prog pop opus. Jane’s latest set of self penned pop abstractions combine mechanical rock / recycled European cinema / empyrean vocalisations & an arsenal of rescued vintage synths to create a futurist narrative backdrop of a allegorical post apocalyptic landscape. for fans of stereolab, the space lady & the soundcarriers. "intoxicating space rock exotica" 4/5 - mojo.

The Silver Globe (Deluxe)


‘The Silver Globe’

  1. The Silver Globe
  2. Argent
  3. The Electric Mountain
  4. Arrows
  5. Don’t Take My Soul
  6. Cells
  7. Mission Desire
  8. Stealing Gold
  9. If Only We Could Be In Love
  10. Your Time In This Life Is Just
  11. Temporary
  12. ‘The Amber Light’
  13. La Pomme D’Argent
  14. I Need A Connection
  15. You Are Dissolved

'The Amber Light'

  1. Argen (Tom Furse
  2. Extrapolation)
  3. Cascade In Dark
  4. Electric Mountain (Andy
  5. Votel Analogue Mountain
  6. Instro)
  7. Parade Of Blood Red Sorrows
  8. Your Time In This Life Is Just
  9. Temporary (PJ Philipson
  10. Version)
  11. Neotantrik Globes (Except)