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the soft moon




Released: 30th Mar 2015


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Released: 30th Mar 2015


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More delicious doom from the enigmatic Luis Vasquez.

The Oakland one-man band has made a second album which builds on the black promise of 2010’s self-titled darkwave debut, creating a whirling abyss of nihilistic whispers, cathartic screams, throbbing analog synths and ringing guitars. With eerie, immersive tracks like the dogged ‘Far’ and slow, beautifully melancholic ‘Wasting’, the album is a penetrating portrait of Vasquez as he wrestles thoughts of suicide, vulnerability and what it means to heal. Yet, like Vasquez’s forefathers Killing Joke, Cabaret Voltaire and The Cure, there is a shamanistic optimism beneath the layers of bleak. ‘Deeper’ may have delivered Vasquez back to the waking world but it willingly drags us further into The Soft Moon’s dark, euphonic universe once more.

natasha recommends: doomy industrial goth that channels the cure, killing joke & early depeche mode into a murky apocalyptic soundscape. can't stop listening to it!



  1. Inward
  2. Black
  3. Far
  4. Wasting
  5. Wrong
  6. Try
  7. Desertion
  8. Without
  9. Feel
  10. Deeper
  11. Being