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holly herndon




Released: 18th May 2015



Released: 18th May 2015


not so much an album of songs, as an album of beautifully constructed noises (clicks, glitches, drum beats, blips, warbles, choral vocals & snatches of melody) that fit perfectly together - this is a fascinating avant-garde listen that will appeal to fans of julia holter, the knife or micachu/mica levi.

Herndon has become a leading light in contemporary alternative & electronic music by fearlessly experimenting within the outer reaches of dance music & pop songwriting structures. A galvanizing statement, 'Platform' cements Herndon's reputation as a unique musician with a singular voice. "At once Herndon’s most accessible & most adventurous record, this is digital age avant-garde sound art put through a pop prism, & it’s all the more exciting as a result" 8/10 - drowned in sound, "cutting-edge conceptual electronica from silicon valley-based techno futurist" 9/10 - uncut.

james canham recommends: manic, heavily textured electronic music that’s impossible to pin down. definitely the best thing i've heard this year.



  1. Interference
  2. Chorus
  3. Unequal
  4. Morning Sun
  5. Locker Leak
  6. An Exit
  7. Lonely At The Top
  8. DAO
  9. Home
  10. New Ways To Love