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the l-shaped man



Released: 18th May 2015


sea foam green lp + dl

Released: 18th May 2015


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Breakup albums mark a turning point for a band: the moment when their sound completely changes & reaches a new level of emotional clarity.

All that heartbreak and malaise condensed into any single record often makes for a defining piece of work, no matter the genre. Ceremony's 5th studio album uses singer Ross Farrar's recent breakup as a platform to explore loneliness & emotional weariness, using his experience to write about what it means to go through something heavy & come out the other side a different person. the band have almost completely stripped back the propulsive hardcore of their previous records, turning every angry outburst into simmering despair & Farrar is singing with a new kind of intensity, his baritone swooping & retreating from stressed angst to unsettling near-mutter as he sings. they most immediately recall joy division, which is apt considering where their band name came from.

the l-shaped man


  1. Hibernation
  2. Exit Fears
  3. Bleeder
  4. Your Life In France
  5. Your Life In America
  6. The Separation
  7. The Pattern
  8. Root Of The World
  9. The Party
  10. The Bridge
  11. The Understanding