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Jim O'Rourke

simple songs

Drag City


Released: 18th May 2015


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Released: 18th May 2015


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an amazing record of musical song entertainment - 2015 & the silence has been broken with 'Simple Songs' - Jim O’Rourke is ready to talk to you again.

It has been ten years since Jim’s voice rang out from a new album. The music’s got OCD quality, played so immaculately by so many instruments, and most of them by the creator’s hand. This time’s really the widest screen yet for Jim’s popular song-style, truly breathtaking! Let 'Simple Songs' seep into your brain...It may help you get your bearings in a world gone hopeless. Most of all though, don’t hate this or he’ll go away again for another decade!

simple songs


  1. Friends With Benefits
  2. That Weekend
  3. Half Life Crisis
  4. Hotel Blue
  5. These Hands
  6. Last Year
  7. End of The Road
  8. All Your Love