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wolfgang voigt

Ruckverzauberung 10 / National Park



Released: 25th May 2015


The 10th instalment of VOIGT's celebrated open concept series 'RÜCKVERZAUBERUNG' harks back to his esteemed "Gas" concept series & the albums 'Königsforst', 'Zauberberg' & 'Pop', all established in the 90s.

In celebration of the opening of German national park Hunsrück-Hochwald, VOIGT has conceived an abstract, ambient-infused sound installation which can be experienced as a kind of "acoustic hike through the forest", thanks to a series of loudspeakers allocated in a natural environment. This approximately hour-long piece of music is a freeform improvisation on a classic sonic scenario made of strings & winds, processed with electronic means. The rather elegiac billows of sound flow into each other & part again, like a musical early morning fog in a "reverse-enchanted" woodland. They weightlessly trek alongside auspicious shadows of atonality, across gentle hills & valleys, through gleaming clearings into eternity.

Ruckverzauberung 10 / National Park