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Barna Howard

Quite A Feelin'

Loose Music


Released: 18th May 2015


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Released: 18th May 2015


Small town life has long been celebrated in country & folk music, but Barna’s knack for capturing his own deeply personal nostalgia resonates in a rarely universal way.

born & raised in a quintessential Midwest town, howard's youth in Eureka, Missouri was pure Americana – the sort of childhood that inspired E.T.-era Spielberg. Barna’s self-titled debut chronicled his struggle with the contrast between his small town upbringing & the big city wanderings that followed. The album was met with critical acclaim & underground success & One critic even likened him to some “lost genius of the 60’s.” The songs on Barna Howard’s 2nd album, 'Quite A Feelin’', ruminate on his relationship with home. Now entrenched in Portland, Oregon, many of the album’s tracks immortalise & reflect on the Eureka he once knew, while others focus on the relationships that define his new home out west.

Quite A Feelin'


  1. Indiana Rose
  2. Bitter Side Of Blue
  3. Hands Like Gloves
  4. Notches On A Frame
  5. Quite A Feelin’
  6. Whistle Show
  7. Then And There
  8. Rooster Still Crows
  9. Pull Us Back Or Wind Us Up
  10. Lend Me A Moment