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Bad Love



Released: 25th May 2015


indies only clear lp + fanzine + bonus disc

Released: 25th May 2015


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sun-bleached but tear-stained 3rd album of john hughes movie synth-pop from the London duo, self-produced and lo-fi and all the better for it.

Summer Camp have always traded in a nostalgia for a filmic 1980s, all road trips and American diners, but ‘bad love’ goes beyond aesthetics to focus on the shadows behind the light, lyrically heartbreaking even as the songs with their battered synths and distorted guitars keep on dancing. “as fuzzy and cute as a mohair croptop sweater, but with the bite of a tequila shot” – noisey, “The best love songs are the ones that make you want to dance and cry all at once; and Bad Love has them in spades” 8/10 – drowned in sound

Bad Love


  1. Bad Love
  2. You’re Gone
  3. Sleepwalking
  4. Beautiful
  5. Horizon
  6. Run Away
  7. Angela
  8. Drive Past My House
  9. If You Hate Me
  10. Everlasting
  11. Keep Up