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Mbongwana Star

From Kinshasa

world circuit


Released: 18th May 2015


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180g LP + download

Released: 17th Jul 2015


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fusing traditional Congolese rhythms with post punk & electronics inspired by life in the townships around them, they “make magic out of garbage” says producer & band member Doctor L.

having been big fans of the congolese paraplegic musicians, staff benda bilili (both live & on record), we were very sad to hear of their split but now coco Ngambali & Theo Nsituvuidi return with their stunning new outfit, Mbongwana Star. it's infectiously rhythmic, brilliantly edgy, gnarly, hypnotic, jerky, menacing & inviting in equal measure. highly recommended for fans of staff benda bilili, konono no1, tony allen or kasai allstars. "feels like arriving in a bustling, unfamiliar city, a very long way from home: a gripping mix of excitement, apprehension and sensory overload" 5/5 - guardian.

christian recommends: world music filtered through post-rock, punk, shoegaze and electronica, these people have gorged on every influence and spat out something stunning.

ian recommends: a chaotic mix of pulsing synths crystal guitar loops and driving congolese rhythms.

derry recommends: takes congolese music way out of africa to produce a truly world music for fans of spooky electronic dance, post-punk or forward looking sounds of any genre.

From Kinshasa