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The Pioneers




Released: 22nd Jun 2015


the massive hit ‘Long Shot (Kick De Bucket)’ kicks off the second and best-known album from this reggae golden age vocal trio.

mentored at various points by joe gibbs, lee perry and leslie kong, the pioneers scored a huge hit with the single sequel to perry's original 'long shot', an enduring rude boy anthem. its the strength of jackie robinson and co's vocals that makes 'long shot' way more than a showcase for one outstanding single.



  1. Long Shot (Kick De Bucket)
  2. Caranapo
  3. Black Bud
  4. Long Up Your Mouth
  5. Bring Him Come
  6. Mother Ritty
  7. Poor Rameses
  8. Samfie Man
  9. Belly Gut
  10. Lucky Side
  11. Trouble Deh A Bush
  12. Boss Festival