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Arms Around a Vision

tough love


Released: 2nd Oct 2015



Released: 2nd Oct 2015


the Northern Irelanders' 3rd album is more widescreen but also more direct & aggressive - treading a course between Eno-era Roxy sleaze, Birthday Party dissonance & Mark e smith’s three R’s: repetition, repetition, repetition.

The bass, drums & guitars are still there, but so are saxophones, organs, detuned broken guitars & pianos & even sheets of metal assaulted with hammers. Conceptually, 'Arms Around a Vision' acts as a love letter to European elegance – Italian futurism, Russian constructivism, Germany’s Zero Group & both Neubauten & Bowie’s Berlin. half metallic knockout, half midnight swagger, the sense of vitality & urgency is counterbalanced by the gloomy undertones & the barritone vocals of cathal cully.

Arms Around a Vision


  1. Reticence
  2. An Artificial Spring
  3. Desire Oscillations
  4. (Obsession)
  5. Chrome Rose
  6. A Hunger Artist
  7. Málaga
  8. Dysmorphia
  9. (Convalescence)
  10. Exploit Me
  11. Take Out the Hand
  12. I Was You