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Green Lanes

trouble in mind

standard lp + dl

Released: 31st Jul 2015



Released: 31st Jul 2015


originally a loose collaboration between Jack Cooper (Mazes) & James Hoare (Veronica Falls), the band have quickly turned into a full-fledged project with the addition of propulsive live drummer neil Robinson.

their 2nd dose of woozy velvets-esque indie-smithery is pure class. Slinking out of the gate, the first song 'Kodiak' is an hummable future-classic with Cooper & Hoare’s guitars dancing around each other with ease. The licks & lyrics conjuring up images of Sixties California & Seventies New York; a picture of dark clouds on a sunny day. The rest of the album follows suit with the airy, lush harmonies of 'Sweet Chris' & 'Two From The Vault' & even kicks up some dust with the chooglin’ '(I’ve Got The) Sanctioned Blues' & the manic 'Woken By Noises'.


Green Lanes


  1. Kodiak
  2. Sweet Chris
  3. (I’ve Got The) Sanctioned Blues
  4. The Ocean
  5. Two From the Vault
  6. The Ocean (reprise)
  7. Break the Chain
  8. I Was Lost
  9. Tee Zee Em
  10. Paying The Price
  11. Woken By Noises
  12. Out In the Cold