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Released: 29th Jun 2015


standard lp + download

Released: 24th Jul 2015


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Released: 24th Jul 2015


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More than a decade after putting out their first album, conor oberst’s political punk  band return with a follow-up that breathes new life into their brutal fusion of protest music and earworm hooks.

Fuelling their Epitaph Records debut  with the same spirit of unrest that propelled 2002’s ‘Read Music/Speak Spanish’, Desaparecidos now match that passion with a fuller, more furious sound and gut-punching commentary on everything from immigration reform and the healthcare debate to gun control and Wall Street bailouts. the album’s 14 tracks pack a barrage of outcry and insight into each sharply crafted lyric while storming forward with a ferocious energy and pop sensibility, as if rage against the machine had written an album for weezer.  "increasingly tight and versatile... blistering music" - pitchfork, "terrific...a confident swagger & righteous anger" 4/5 - mojo.



  1. The Left is Right
  2. The Underground Man
  3. City on the Hill
  4. Golden Parachutes
  5. Radicalized
  6. MariKKKopa
  7. Te Amo Camila Vallejo
  8. Ralphy's Cut
  9. Backsell
  10. Slacktivist
  11. Search the Searches
  12. 10 Steps Behind
  13. Von Maur Massacre
  14. Anonymous