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oversize digipack cd + booklet

Released: 7th Aug 2015


standard lp + booklet + dl

Released: 7th Aug 2015


limited dlx indies only lp + bonus 10" + booklet + dl

Released: 7th Aug 2015


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georgia barnes' credentials are impeccable - and so is her stunning debut album, a record that reveals new layers of intrigue and ingenuity with every listen.

Written, performed and produced by the 24-year-old daughter of leftfield's neil barnes - she has also served as kwes and kate tempest's drummer - and recorded in her own home-studio, ‘Georgia’ is a glacial yet hyper-melodic mix of grime, mid-summer west London dub and ragga, sophisticated pop, the formative influence of Missy Elliott and the high-concept, illuminated sound-design work of mia, the Knife and Hudson Mohawke. its bracingly modern but packed full of tub-thumping hits in the likes of the rousing 'move systems'. "a heady revelation" 4/5 - q; "an alluring tale of heartbreak and romance... an unpretentious star" - uncut. "forward-thinking pop modernism" 4/5 - mojo.



  1. Intro
  2. Kombine
  3. Be Ache
  4. Nothing Solutions
  5. Hold It
  6. Digits
  7. Cab Ride
  8. Tell Me About It
  9. Move Systems
  10. Heart Wrecking Animals
  11. GMTL
  12. You