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menace beach

Super Transporterreum EP

Memphis Industries

180g 12" EP + download

Released: 25th Sep 2015


a distillation of what the leeds band have previously called their “own grubby little 'Ratworld'”, this time with added technicolour - Having released their cracking debut album in January 2015, their  fizzing, over caffeinated creativity needed another outlet.

With its title coming from a flu-fever hallucination Liza experienced while on tour, the title track 'Super Transporterreum' perfectly sums up Menace Beach’s off-kilter approach, all effervescent melody & hurtling fuzzed up guitars, not to mention the juddering half-speed choruses that, according to Menace Beach, feature “three bass guitars simultaneously doing a Bryan May riff.” 'Hey Toupe' is an adrenaline fuelled arpeggiated thrash, while 'Ghoul Power' cranks up the grunge. 'The Line'’s big hearted Big Star inspired melodicism was written after spending the afternoon doing a Geri Haliwell workout video in Rotterdam with a pensioner, and 'Radiate Me' is either about being so fed up “I was praying for a nuclear missile to smash straight into my stupid face” (Ryan) or “A nice song about the sun” (Liza). With band leaders Ryan and Liza’s unmistakable vocal interplay coming to the fore, their lopsided surreal and esoteric creativity means they have created a sound that is unmistakably their own.

Super Transporterreum EP


  1. Super Transporterreum
  2. Hey Toupe
  3. Ghoul Power
  4. The Line
  5. Radiate Me