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Kurt Vile


Matador Records


Released: 25th Sep 2015


2LP + download

Released: 25th Sep 2015


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vile's slacker jams have always been wonderfully gauzy & languid - but without losing this on his 6th album, he's also managed to be more focused, pulling the "pop" melodies slightly more to the fore, dragging himself out of the fog & almost into the light beyond.

opener 'pretty pimpin' is undoubtedly his most clear, vivid track to date, mining southern folk rock to astonishingly captivating effect (to produce one of 2015's true highlights) & whilst the rest of the album doesn't travel this same well lit path, the tunes reveal themselves after repeat listens (of which there will be many as this album, like his previous 5, will draw you back into its hazy warmth time & time again). "a handshake across the country, east to west coast...The record is all air, weightless, bodyless, but grounded in convincing authenticity, in the best version of a singer songwriter upcycling” - kim gordon (sonic youth).

*** available on standard CD and double LP. A limited edition triple LP expanded version 'b’lieve i'm goin (deep) down'…, features 6 bonus tracks ***



  1. Pretty Pimpin
  2. I’m an Outlaw
  3. Dust Bunnies
  4. That’s Life, tho (almost hate to say)
  5. Wheelhouse
  6. Life Like This
  7. All In a Daze Work
  8. Lost My Head There
  9. Stand Inside
  10. Bad Omens
  11. Kidding Around
  12. Wild Imagination
  13. b’lieve i’m goin down (3lp bonus track)
  14. less talk (more walkin away) (3lp bonus track)
  15. nicotine blues (3lp bonus track)
  16. bad omens (no faders) (3lp bonus track)
  17. no stranger to the ball bust (3lp bonus track)
  18. sax omens (j turbo) (3lp bonus track)