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trevor jackson presents

trevor jackson presents science fiction dancehall classics

On U Sound

digipack cd + booklet

Released: 2nd Oct 2015


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3lp + download + cd

Released: 2nd Oct 2015


jackson’s been raiding the on-u sound vaults and has dragged up some killer  tracks – no less than you’d expect from the man behind the iconic metal dance compilations.

after listening to this it’s easy to see why the likes of four tet and lcd soundsystem have worked with him – jackson’s eclectic taste has found some amazing dub heavy cuts from adrian sherwood’s extensive vaults. listening to this is like having a curated swab of the collective minds of jackson and sherwood – and that can only be a good thing.

***all 27 tracks on the compilation are the same on both formats, but for the vinyl option some tracks are on the download card only***

trevor jackson presents science fiction dancehall classics


  1. Missing Brazilians - Ace Of Wands
  2. Dub Syndicate - Over Board
  3. African Head Charge - Off The Beaten Track
  4. Creation Rebel & New Age Steppers - Chemical Specialist
  5. Suns Of Arqa - Asian Rebel
  6. New Age Steppers - Animal Space
  7. Alan Pellay - Parasitic Machine
  8. The Chicken Granny - Quit The Body
  9. African Head Charge – Stebeni’s Theme
  10. Neneh Cherry & The Circuit – Dead Come Alive
  11. Atmosfear – When Tonight Is Over (US Thunder Mix)
  12. The Circuit – Loudspeaker (alternate version)
  13. Fats Comet – Dee Jay’s Program
  14. Tackhead – Now What?
  15. Keith LeBlanc – Move
  16. Fats Comet – Dub Storm
  17. Voice Of Authority – Stopping And Starting
  18. African Head Charge – Latin Temperament
  19. Mark Stewart + The Maffia – The Wrong Name And The Wrong Number (DJ Battle)
  20. Singers & Players – Kunta Kinte Dub
  21. Bim Sherman – Melody Dub
  22. Shara Nelson & The Circuit – Aiming At Your Heart Pt.2
  23. Playgroup – Forty Winks
  24. Dub Syndicate – Drilling Equipment
  25. New Age Steppers – Radial Drill
  26. Missing Brazilians – Quicksand Beach Party
  27. Little Annie – 77 Emerging Strips