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The Rough Guide to Calypso Gold

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Released: 28th Aug 2015


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Released: 12th Feb 2016


The anthology of the best Calypso from Trinidad from rare early recordings up to the zenith of the 1950s calypso craze - this re-packaged reissue includes some of the biggest calypso hits of all time.

From the 1920s legendary string orchestras through the forties with the emergence of King Radio, to the worldwide recognition of Calypso in the fifties with Lord Pretender, and the legends Lord Kitchener and The Mighty Bomber, 'The Rough Guide To Calypso Gold' delivers a taste of real Calypso.

The Rough Guide to Calypso Gold

  1. Sir Lancelot - Scandal In The Family
  2. King Radio - Mathilda
  3. Lord Pretender - Human Race
  4. Calypso Rose - Rum & Coca Cola
  5. Caresser - Edward The Viii
  6. The Mighty Bomber - Ugly Woman
  7. Lion - Mary Ann
  8. Relator - Nora
  9. Lord Kitchener - Ah Bernice
  10. Duke Of Iron - The Lost Watch
  11. Tiger - Gold In Africa
  12. Kiskedee Trio - Congo Barra
  13. Caresser - Madame Khan
  14. Atilla - La Reine Maribeau
  15. Sam Manning - Amba Calay
  16. Belasco’s Orchestra Feat Houdini - Blow Wind Blow
  17. Houdini - Caroline
  18. Monrose’s String Orchestra - Old Lady Old Lady
  19. Houdini - Uncle Jo’ Gimme Mo’
  20. King Radio - Man Smart Woman Smarter