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Arvo Part

Musica Selecta - A Sequence By Manfred Eicher



Released: 11th Sep 2015


ecm and part go back a long way (to 1984 in fact), and now, in celebration of part's 80th birthday, we have some of part's most iconic and brilliant recordings in one place.

contained here are the legendary recordings of Es sang vor langen Jahren, Für Alina, Mein Weg, Kanon Pokajanen, Silouans Song, Fratres, Alleluia-Tropus, Trisagion, Beatus Petronius, Wallfahrtslied/Pilgrims' Song, Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten, Magnificat, Festina Lente, Lamentate, Stabat Mater, Da Pacem Domine, and a previously unreleased version of Most Holy Mother of God. Part stands out in a field of his own when it comes to modern composition, and on this 2 disc set you can hear why the likes of nils frahm, max richter and mica levi list him amongst their influences.

Musica Selecta - A Sequence By Manfred Eicher


  1. Es sang vor langen Jahren
  2. Für Alina
  3. Mein Weg
  4. Ode VI (from Kanon Pokajanen)
  5. Silouans Song
  6. Fratres
  7. Alleluia-Tropus
  8. Trisagion
  9. Beatus Petronius
  10. Pilgrims' Song
  11. Wallfahrtslied
  12. Most Holy Mother of God
  13. Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten
  14. Magnificat
  15. Festina Lente
  16. Fragile
  17. Pregando
  18. Solitudine - stato d'animo
  19. Stabat Mater
  20. Da Pacem Domine