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Joan Shelley

Over and Even

No Quarter


Released: 4th Sep 2015


LP + download

Released: 4th Aug 2015


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smart, beautiful songs full of poetry, history, mystery & nature - Like all the best sad songs, they will make you cry, Then they will drag you outside and leave you flat on your back, staring up at the stars.

People say her voice reminds them of Sandy Denny. It’s more than the vocal range. It’s a quiet power that draws you in. All the people who played on Joan’s new record - and Daniel Martin Moore who recorded and engineered it - are friends. That comes through somehow in the sound of the album. Will Oldham and Glen Dentinger are genius harmony singers. They leave the perfect amount of space for microscopic shifts in Joan’s voice, without sacrificing their own awesome idiosyncrasies. Nathan Salsburg’s guitar follows every twist of the melody. When the song breaks your heart in two, Nathan is there with a high E-string to sew it back together.

Over and Even


  1. Brighter Than The Blues
  2. Stay On My Shore
  3. Over And Even
  4. Not Over By Half
  5. Ariadne’s Gone
  6. No More Shelter
  7. Easy Now
  8. Lure And Line
  9. Jenny Come In
  10. Wine And Honey
  11. My Only Trouble
  12. Subtle Love