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Released: 30th Oct 2015


lp + dl

Released: 30th Oct 2015


despite this only being their second album, cheatahs sound like a complete sonic force with an incredible depth and range in their repertoire that most bands would kill for.

throughout the album they channel kevin sheild’s soaring guitar, atlas sounds’ post-spacemen 3 psychedelic drone and Klaus dinger at his neu! loosest. this is an album designed to be played loud – not the confrontational, in your face sort of loud but the huge, suffocating and euphoric loud of my bloody valentine that turns the sonic chaos into something near religious.



  1. Red Lakes (Sternstunden)
  2. Channel View
  3. In Flux
  4. Freak Waves
  5. Signs to Lorelei
  6. Hey, Sen
  7. Deli Rome
  8. Colorado
  9. Supra
  10. Seven Sisters
  11. 紫 (Murasaki)
  12. Mysteci
  13. Reverie Bravo