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the clientele

alone & unreal: the best of clientele


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Released: 4th Sep 2015


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a new compilation featuring tracks from their last five albums & one new song, as well as a previously-unreleased live session titled 'The Sound Of Young Basingstoke', from an early incarnation of the band.

"Welcome to an exquisitely haunted world of suburban Psychedelia by one of the decade's great overlooked bands" 5/5 - Mojo, "serves as a potent reminder of just how discreetly revelatory the group's primary method of operation has always been. Generally, the music collected here expands upon the moodier, more ethereal side of '60s psych-pop greats (The Beatles, The Kinks, The Zombies, Love, etc.)...the Clientele arrived at a sound that remains deeply comforting in its familiarity yet continuously engrossing because of its manifold mysteries" - clash.

alone & unreal: the best of clientele


  1. Reflections After Jane
  2. We Could Walk Together
  3. Missing
  4. Since K Got Over Me
  5. (I Can't Seem) To Make You Mine
  6. Losing Haringey
  7. Bookshop Casanova
  8. The Queen of Seville
  9. Never Anyone But You
  10. Harvest Time
  11. On a Summer Trail