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Shape Worship

A City Remembrancer

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Released: 16th Oct 2015


Decaying ethereal tape loops with subtle drone all underwritten by clattering drums make this an absolutely fascinating album.

Basinski style loop deterioration (though not over the time scale basinski would normally choose) gives way to drone and field recording filled middle ground that comes across similar to richter’s ‘blue notebooks’ if he decided to do it without vocals, all underpinned by ecstatic, euphoric drums.  Full of rich and dense sound collages, this is something you won’t want to miss.

A City Remembrancer


  1. Tamesis (Vision)
  2. Zoned (Hecate)
  3. Mudlarks
  4. Vertices (Ziggurat)
  5. Heygate Palimpsest
  6. An Exemplar
  7. Paternoster (Look)
  8. Rentiers Dub
  9. 1987 (Interlude)
  10. Saffron And Jasmine
  11. Decanted (Mohir)
  12. Necropolis (So Many)