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Lee Perry & The Upsetters

Ape-Ology Presents Super Ape vs.Return of the Super Ape



Released: 23rd Oct 2015


bringing together 1978’s ‘Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Cornbread’ and ‘Return Of The Super Ape’, as well as 1976’s ‘Scratch The Super Ape’, (and a healthy dose of bonus tracks too) - this collection of three of lee perry's most acclaimed records, and arguably the best thing he did with the heptones, is the sound of a maverick, the sound of an eccentric inventor; the upsetter himself at his very best.

Ape-Ology Presents Super Ape vs.Return of the Super Ape


  1. Dread Lion (ft The Heptones)
  2. Zion Blood (ft The Heptones)
  3. Three In One (ft The Heptones)
  4. Curly Dub (ft The Heptones)
  5. Patience Dub (ft The Heptones)
  6. Super Ape (ft The Heptones)
  7. Croaking Lizard (ft The Heptones)
  8. Black Vest (ft The Heptones)
  9. Underground Root (ft The Full
  10. Experience)
  11. Dub Along (ft The Full Experience)
  12. Soul Fire
  13. Throw Some Water In (ft The Full Experience)
  14. Evil Tongue
  15. Curly Locks
  16. Ghetto Sidewalk
  17. Favourite Dish
  18. Free Up The Weed
  19. Big Neck Policeman
  20. You Squeeze My Panhandle
  21. Roast Fish And Corn Bread
  22. Dyon-Anasawa (ft The Full Experience)
  23. Return Of The Super Ape
  24. Tell Me Something Good (ft The Full Experience)
  25. Bird In Hand
  26. Crab Years
  27. Jah Jah A Natty Dread
  28. Psyche & Trim
  29. The Lion
  30. Huzza A Hana
  31. High Ranking Sammy
  32. From Creation (ft Clive Hylton)
  33. Creation Dub 1
  34. Creation Dub 2
  35. Creation Dub 3
  36. Roast Fish And Corn Bread (JA Single Mix Version)
  37. Corn Fish Dub (JA Single Mix Version)
  38. OK Corral