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USA Nails

No Pleasure

Smalltown America


Released: 6th Nov 2015


Limited Splattered transparent green + orange lp + download

Released: 6th Nov 2015


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Born through a mutual love of all things noisy, raw & sickeningly filthy, USA Nails brings together members & ex-members of Oceansize, Hawk Eyes, Kong, Future of the Left, Silent Front & Dead Arms.

Opting for a more stripped back approach to their other outfits, Nails adopt a strict policy to not over-think their music. Choosing raw energy, intensity and mood over technical expression. Just under a year since the release of their first LP ‘Sonic Moist’, the band return with their latest instalment of brash noise-rock-punk-psych: 'No Pleasure'. The album features 11 furious tracks that see the band expanding on noise-rock and punk, as well as exploring new territories in post-punk and kraut-rock. Influenced by the likes of The Jesus Lizard, Wire and Neu among others, the quartet have crafted a record that sits comfortably among the work of contemporaries like Pissed Jeans, Destruction Unit, girl band & Institute.

No Pleasure


  1. I Am Normal
  2. Palm Them Off With Me
  3. You're A Stain
  4. You Sing For Yourself
  5. They'd Name An Age
  6. Laugh It Up
  7. Automated Cyst
  8. Holiday
  9. Make Me Art
  10. I Am In A Van
  11. I Cannot Drink Enough