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thank your lucky stars

bella union

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Released: 16th Oct 2015



Released: 16th Oct 2015


they’ve gone back to ‘teen dream’ – if ‘depression cherry’ is their more experimental, forward thinking album  then ‘thank your lucky stars’ is the one that harks back to a simpler, fuzzier time.

while it’s certainly notable for arriving just months after ‘depression cherry’ this is a fully realised album in its own right, moving their sun bleached sound back towards their earlier work away from the rougher edges in the likes of ‘sparks’. moments of mellow jazz float into their sound while the soft delivery gives this album the unique, saccharine floating feeling that they’ve shied away from since ‘teen dream’.

thank your lucky stars


  1. Majorette
  2. She's So Lovely
  3. All Your Yeahs
  4. One Thing
  5. Common Girl
  6. The Traveller
  7. Elegy To The Void Rough Song
  8. Somewhere Tonight