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artificial intelligence




Released: 20th Nov 2015


2LP + cd

Released: 20th Nov 2015


classic jungle and chicago house combine on this electic drum and bass album from the metalheadz-signed duo.

this is an expansive album that brings in influences from d'n'b history to create a hard and heavy club record. Collaborations on the album come from SCAR and Dawn Wall whilst vocals are taken care of by DRS, Terri Walker and MC Sense.



  1. Time Out (cd only)
  2. Aroma (cd only)
  3. Fallen (feat. Dawn Wall)
  4. Pass the Buck (feat. DRS) (cd only)
  5. Nothing But
  6. The Source
  7. Take Me There (feat. Steo)
  8. Rizon (cd only)
  9. Is This Real (cd only)
  10. Privilege (feat. Sense)
  11. Carcosa (cd only)
  12. Untitled Ghost
  13. Heaven Sent (cd only)
  14. Justify (feat. Terri Walker) (cd only)