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nadia reid

Out of My Province

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bolstered by spacebomb’s immaculate house band, reid’s lustrous songwriting has been expanded like never before, whilst retaining those gut-wrenchin...
listen to formation, look for the signs
  1. Runway
  2. Track Of The Time
  3. Reaching Through
  4. Holy Low
  5. Just To Feel Alive
  6. Seasons Change
  7. Some Are Lucky
  8. Ruby
  9. Call The Days
  10. Holy Loud

nadia reid

listen to formation, look for the signs

  • LP

    Released: 4th Dec 2015


a tender, spellbinding debut album of folk-leaning songs from the new Zealand singer-songwriter – displaying a depth of emotion and a rich musical voice that belies the 24-year old Auckland-native’s youth.

drawing widely on acoustic traditions and the work of folk group the be good tanyas, reid has produced a subtle and masterful record that evokes the mellow pacing of ‘she hangs brightly’-era mazzy star, the nuanced intricacies of beth orton and confident grace of laura marling. “a preternatural ability to translate internal weather into chords and words” 4/5 – the guardian.