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adore life



Released: 22nd Jan 2016


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Released: 22nd Jan 2016


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opening with what is one of their most confrontational, intense & impressive statements to date, you know you're in for another thrilling, visceral sonic assault from the get go.

interestingly, they've brought the danish electronic musician / producer trentemoller on board to mix the record & he brings a crispness & brightness to the darkness, taking them beyond the siouxsie indebted post-punk of their debut into a more punchy, direct form of delivery. fans of everyone from gang of four to nadine shah, daughter to nick cave will adore this. "delivered with a torrid urgency" 8/10 - uncut, "In philosophical terms, "love is a disease / the strongest addiction I know" hardly represents stop-press news. but savages passion now feels contagious...they discovered it isn't easy to intellectualise rock's feral instincts. the answer was there all along, screaming through their vein" 4/5 - mojo. 

natasha recommends: "it gets my blood pumping – savage(s) by name, savage by nature – ‘silence yourself’ was tough to match but they’re as challenging & compelling as ever.


adore life


  1. The Answer
  2. Evil
  3. Sad Person
  4. Adore
  5. I Need Something New
  6. Slowing Down The World
  7. When In Love
  8. Surrender
  9. TIWYG
  10. Mechanics