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Hieroglyphic Being

The Acid Documents

Soul Jazz Records


Released: 13th Nov 2015


limited coloured 2lp + download

Released: 13th Nov 2015


pioneering, experimental, boundary-pushing Afro-futurist electronic music from the chicago native originally released early in 2015 as a homemade CD-R and now available in fully remastered form.

taking influence from his home town's musical legacies of both acid house (think frankie knuckles, phuture and marshall jefferson) and the futuristic jazz of sun ra (who was based in chicago between 1946-61). Over ten tracks, Hieroglyphic Being remains true to his own electronic sound while paying homage to others - all coming straight out of Chicago.

The Acid Documents


  1. Culdees
  2. Dualism
  3. Fabian Society
  4. Gematria
  5. Jacobites Order
  6. Aurum Solis (LP Only Track)
  7. E Clampus Vitus
  8. Hollow Earth
  9. llluminates Of Thaneteros
  10. Burlesque Degrees