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jennylee (warpaint)


Rough Trade


Released: 11th Dec 2015


LP + download

Released: 11th Dec 2015


she may be famed for her work with warpaint but jennylee is showing a new side here with a gothic backbone Chelsea wolfe would die for and killer moments of the distorted, broken mirror visions 4ad brought us in the 80’s.

torn between full on assault (lead by her driven bass) and melodic goth and new wave tinged introspective pop she rips us out of the soft and warm warpaint into her dark new world. ‘offerings’ has to be the album highlight if we’re pressured into a decision – it’s the moment she ties everything together for a bass led exposition in goth made for the dancefloor  - think Bauhaus without the theatrics. “seesaws between spectral moments of introspection and bristling passages of electric activity” - mojo



  1. blind
  2. boom boom
  3. never
  4. long lonely winter
  5. bully
  6. riot
  7. he fresh
  8. offerings
  9. white devil
  10. real life