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Released: 11th Dec 2015


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This is like drowning, suffocating in honey - the syrupy feel to the production feels overwhelming, taking her futuristic r&b to claustrophobic depths, consciously eschewing the obvious highs and lows of fellow arca produced contemporary fka twigs in favour of a more consuming experience.

Her take on the modern world of r&b transforms a potentially chart friendly delivery into an inventive soundworld with incredible lyrics dealing with lost love and relationships in such a way that you feel there, part of it. It’s impossible not to get dragged into the world of kelela, listening and feeling every moment. The making of this ep is in the production against her voice though – the alien clatter and machine led backing from arca and Kendrick and drake collaborator dj dahi provide the perfect counterweight to her smooth delivery giving the whole ep a pulsing, enticing footprint. We love it. “’Hallucinogen’, uses the gristle and guts of feeling as a thematic base for exploring new textures in music.” – 8.3 best new music, pitchfork; “Still a pop outsider, she doesn't just fit seamlessly into the warm, pillowy R&B, she finds new life there, delivering countless silken harmonies and untouchable hooks.” – 4.4/5 resident advisor; “a brilliant telegraph of imperfect romance” – fact; “swimming to the hazy surface of a new kind of future sex/love sounds.” – 8/10 album of the week, spin



  1. A Message (produced by Arca)
  2. Gomenasai (produced by MA)
  3. Rewind (produced by Nugget, Kingdom)
  4. All The Way Down (produced by DJ Dahi)
  5. Hallucinogen (produced by Arca)
  6. The High (produced by Gifted & Blessed)