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vatican shadow

Death Is Unity With God (Complete Version) (jewel case repress)

modern love


Released: 11th Dec 2015


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Haunting and beautiful sparse industrial electronic soundscapes that draw immediate comparisons to muslimgauze.

Originally released as an ultra limited (100 only) 6 cassette boxset in 2014, this ultra limited release has finally been given the tripple cd release it deserves. Heavily politically inspired, this latest Prurient alterego release sees him at his sleekest. More stripped back and anthemic than ‘remember your black day’, more spacious and reflective than ‘frozen niagra falls’, it’s a masterpiece in how far techno and industrial can reach.

Death Is Unity With God (Complete Version) (jewel case repress)


  1. Al Qaeda (Branch Davidian)
  2. Desert Storm (Waco)
  3. It’s To Come
  4. ATF Sinful Messiah
  5. FBI God
  6. Koresh Babylon
  7. Fort Hood Again
  8. Koresh Lamb
  9. Machine-Gunning Of The Davidians
  10. Texarkana Resistance
  11. Theology Is Life And Death (Pakistan)
  12. Descended On Guayanilla (CNN)
  13. Arms Of Yahweh
  14. Manufactured Silencers Under Direct Orders
  15. Living On And Off At The Shadows Motel
  16. Small Explosives And Blasting Caps In The Pages Of A Phonebook
  17. McVeigh Figure
  18. Shadows On The Courthouse Wall
  19. Waco Postmortem (Murrah)