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radios appear (sire version) (2015 reissue)


limited digipack cd

Released: 18th Dec 2015


The final stand alone 2CD from 2014’s Birdman boxset, this is the band’s debut US release.

It has been remastered from the original quarter inch tapes and Comes with a 12 track bonus disc.

radios appear (sire version) (2015 reissue)


  1. What Gives?
  2. Non Stop Girls
  3. Do The Pop
  4. Man With Golden Helmet
  5. Descent into The Maelstrom
  6. New Race
  7. Aloha Steve & Danno
  8. Anglo Girl Desire
  9. Murder City Nights
  10. You're Gonna Miss Me
  11. Hand Of Law
  12. Hit Them Again