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Promise Everything

run for cover


Released: 29th Jan 2016


orange lp + download

Released: 29th Jan 2016


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all-guns-blazing return of the ipswich-based alt rock band - all indie guitar riffs (with definite punk influences) and anthemic choruses.

despite their hiatus in 2012, basement's music has managed to develop and evolve without losing their signature style. the band say that this "is only the beginning of what Basement has to say." looks like they're here to stay this time! for fans of: The Story So Far, Brand New, and Title Fight.

Promise Everything


  1. Brother's Keeper
  2. Hanging Around
  3. Lose Your Grip
  4. Aquasun
  5. Submission
  6. Oversized
  7. Blinded Bye
  8. For You The Moon
  9. Promise Everything
  10. Halo