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Released: 26th Feb 2016


limited indies only clear lp + DL

Released: 26th Feb 2016


a shimmering mix of folk, pop-psych, and a sense of exploration (both musically and lyrically) on the boston band's third album - showcasing a tighter, more concise version of Quilt.

they've pivoted their sound on a new foothold - the guitars jangle, squawk, warble, swell, and tense up, the organs and synths flow in the background as mood-enhancers and the drums dig in a little deeper. there's flutes and harps, a string quartet, grand pianos and Casios, feedback and distorted violas. Among all these sounds the group’s shared and solo vocals showcase some of the strongest lyrics and hooks the band has made to date. for fans of jacco gardner and melody's echo chamber. "Quilt’s third album mines the dark side of '60s rock... The ten tracks on ‘Plaza’ dabble in sunshine pop, freak-folk and hypnotic psychedelia." 7/10 loud and quiet



  1. Passersby
  2. Roller
  3. Searching For
  4. O’Connor's Barn
  5. Eliot St.
  6. Hissing My Plea
  7. Something There
  8. Padova
  9. Your Island
  10. Own Ways