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jimmy riley

Showcase + Majority Rule



Released: 26th Feb 2016


reissue of the two classic riley albums released in 1978 - presented for the first time on one CD.

solid gold reggae.

Showcase + Majority Rule


  1. Nyah-Bingi
  2. Clean Up The Streets
  3. Come To Me
  4. A You (aka Long Distance Love Affair)
  5. Don’t Leave Me This Way
  6. Tell The Youths The Truth
  7. Majority Rule
  8. Somebody Told Me
  9. Im Yours You're Mine
  10. Exploitation
  11. Rise And Work
  12. Love You Madly
  13. Play Play
  14. Gun Man Of J.A.
  15. Channel One Crash
  16. Majority Rule Dub