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case/lang/veirs (neko case, kd lang & laura veirs)



super limited indies-only clear lp + download

Released: 8th Jul 2016


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three of north america’s most talented singers & songwriters have teamed up for an album of outstanding folk-pop-americana that pulls something greater out of the sum of its considerable parts.

this collaboration came about when lang sent an email to case & viers, both only acquaintances at that time, inviting them to make a record together. they both got on board immediately (of course) - all meeting in Portland to write together and began building from there. “makes room for all three distinct voices and songwriting styles, alongside sublimely blende three-way harmonies… crisp orchestration and deluxe country-folk arrangements … exquisite” – 8/10 uncut “while there are moments here which resemble each member's own solo material… the project transcends their individual influences” – 8.5/10 the line of best fit



  1. Atomic Number
  2. Honey and Smoke
  3. Song for Judee
  4. Blue Fires
  5. Delirium
  6. Greens of June
  7. Behind the Armory
  8. Best Kept Secret
  9. 1000 Miles Away
  10. Supermoon
  11. I Want To Be Here
  12. Down
  13. Why Do We Fight
  14. Georgia Stars