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Suzanne Ciani

Buchla Concerts 1975

finders keepers


Released: 20th May 2016


ciani’s modular synth experimentation was, and still is, ground-breaking, as is evidenced in this landmark reissue of some of her seminal concerts.

While pondering the early accolades of this record it’s daunting to learn that this record was in fact not a record at all… It was a manifesto and a gateway to a new world, that somehow never quite opened. If the unfamiliar, modernistic, melodic, pulses, tones and harmonics found on this 1975 live presentation / grant application / educational demonstration had been placed in a phonographic context alongside the promoted work of Morton Subotnick, Walter Carlos or Tomita then the name Suzanne Ciani and her influence would have already radically changed the shape, sound and gender of our record collections. Suzanne was a twenty-year-old employee of the Buchla modular synthesiser company, San Francisco’s neck and neck contender to New York’s Moog. Buchla was run by a community of festival freaks and academic acid eaters whose roots in new age lifestyles and the reinvention of art and music replaced the business acumen enjoyed by its likeminded East Coasters. In the eyes of the consumer the creative refusal to adopt rudimentary facets like a piano keyboard controller rendered the Buchla synthesiser the more obscure stubborn sister of the synth marathon, steering these incredible units away from the mainstream into the homes and studios of free music aficionados, art house composers and die-hard revolutionaries. Championed and semi-showcased by composer Morton Subotnick on his albums ‘The Bull’ and ‘Silver Apples Of The Moon’, Buchla’s versatility began to open the minds of a new generation but the high-end design features and no-compromise modus operandi was often confused with incompatibility and, in the pulsating shadow of Moog’s marketing, the revolution would not be televised nor patronised. Suzanne Ciani, as one of the very few female composers on the frontline (and also providing the backline) did not lose faith. this is a holy grail of electronic music and a female musical pioneer who was too proactive to take the trophies.

Buchla Concerts 1975


  1. Concert At WBAI Free
  2. Music Store
  3. Concert At Phil Niblock’s
  4. Loft