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We Are Scientists




Released: 22nd Apr 2016


teal coloured lp

Released: 22nd Apr 2016


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power pop doesn’t come better than this – hooks that’d make rivers Cuomo green with envy, the energy of game theory and  choruses that’ll get stuck in your head for weeks.

as always with these guys, the music is bombastic, the hooks huge and the journeys within a rollercoaster. there aren’t many bands out there that can keep on making music this incendiary and exciting after so long together, so we’re thankful for we are scientists! “Few bands pen anthems quite like We Are Scientists” – diy magazine




  1. Buckle,
  2. In My Head,
  3. Too Late,
  4. Hold On,
  5. We Need A Word,
  6. Want For Nothing,
  7. Classic Love,
  8. Waiting For You,
  9. Headlights,
  10. Forgiveness