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Still Cool

Still Cool (2016 reissue)

Deeper Knowledge

cd with 6 bonus tracks

Released: 29th Apr 2016



Released: 29th Apr 2016


First ever release of this long-rumoured lost classic - roots reggae harmony for fans of Bob Marley and the Wailers, Burning Spear, and Culture.

Six of ten tracks on the vinyl LP are previously unreleased. The CD contains six bonus tracks of alternate and extended mixes from rare singles, as well as longer/unedited versions of the 10 album tracks. Still Cool was affiliated with legendary Rastafarian group The Twelve Tribes of Israel, of which Bob Marley was a member.

Still Cool (2016 reissue)


  1. Captive Minds
  2. Insane Love
  3. To Be Poor Is A Crime
  4. The Good Book
  5. Crab In A Barrell
  6. Dreadlocks Stand Up
  7. Angel of Love
  8. Moving Vision
  9. Cuts Will Heal
  10. Sweeter
  11. To Be Poor Is A Crime (Original JA 45 mix) (CD bonus track)
  12. My God, My God [To Be Poor... Version] (Original JA 45 Mix) (CD bonus track)
  13. Insane Love (UK Disco Mix) (CD bonus track)
  14. Stero Style “79” [Insane Love Version] (UK Disco Mix) (CD bonus track)
  15. To Be Poor Is A Crime (US Disco Mix) (CD bonus track)
  16. Crab In A Barrel (US Disco Mix) (CD bonus track)