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Crystal Jacqueline

morning dew

fruits de mer

super limited yellow 7" ep

Released: 6th May 2016


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four tracks of devastatingly beautiful covers of some of psychedelia’s long lost leftfield gems.

they breathe new life into Tim Rose and Bonnie Dobson's iconic song (or was it really just Bonnie Dobson's?), cover an often overlooked psychedelic gem originally recorded by Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies, they dust-down a 1963 one-hit wonder by The Jaynetts and unveil a new song by Icarus peel.

morning dew


  1. Morning Dew' (Bonnie Dobson/Tim Rose)
  2. 'Ivy' (Icarus Peel)
  3. 'Moonsong:Pelog' (Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies)
  4. 'Sally Go Round The Roses' (The Jaynetts)