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The Associates

The Affectionate Punch (2016 expanded edition)



Released: 20th May 2016


reissue of the genre-bending cabaret pop band's debut album from 1980.

released following the dundee band's 1979 cover of bowie's 'boys keep swinging', the album further cemented their growing reputation as sometimes startling, often enthralling innovators. their wildly-inventive music is capped by Billy McKenzie's utterly stunning and unique vocals, unmatched by any other singer before or since. this is the record that ensured their place in pop music history. The original album on CD1 is newly re-mastered from ¼” tape while CD2 features a selection of rare and unreleased tracks. for fans of the teardrop explodes. "a disciplined, muscular commitment to the strange and the wild." - 4/5 mojo

The Affectionate Punch (2016 expanded edition)


  1. The Affectionate Punch
  2. Amused As Always
  3. Logan Time
  4. Paper House
  5. Transport To Central
  6. A Matter Of Gender
  7. Even Dogs In The Wild
  8. Would I…Bounce Back
  9. Deeply Concerned
  10. A
  11. Boys Keep Swinging
  12. Mona Property Girl
  13. Schmoltz
  14. Green For Grief
  15. Geese
  16. Saline Drips
  17. Galaxy Of Memories
  18. Double Hipness
  19. Big Waltz (aka Paper House)
  20. Janice (aka Deeply Concerned)
  21. You Were Young
  22. Bounce Back - Remix
  23. A – Remix
  24. Amused As Always - Remix
  25. The Affectionate Punch - Remix
  26. The End