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Released: 3rd Jun 2016



Released: 3rd Jun 2016


The New Zealand-raised electro-pop artist pip brown, aka Ladyhawke, delivers her 3rd album of shiny, buoyant, blissed out, synth pop - unabashed exuberance, a powerful, vibrant expression of life itself.

The quivering title track, an airy paean to cleaning up & settling down, sits at the heart of the album. Explains Brown, “It’s me realizing I’m so lucky to have somebody to dance around the fire with.” 'Wild Things' sets the exhilarating tone for her other deep-dives into relationships, such as 'A Love Song', a sweeping, reverberating revelation. Meanwhile, the ebbing-&-swaying 'Chills', co-written with Babydaddy of the Scissor Sisters, was more about the visceral response you get when you’re first attracted to someone. for fans of la roux, little boots, santigold or annie. 




  1. A Love Song
  2. The River
  3. Wild Things
  4. Let It Roll
  5. Chills
  6. Sweet Fascination
  7. Golden Girl
  8. Hillside Avenue
  9. Money to Burn
  10. Wonderland
  11. Dangerous