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gabriel bruce

Come All Sufferers

virgin emi


Released: 20th May 2016


hook-filled anthemic choruses & razor sharp guitar crashes unite with deep, brooding vocals that draw comparisons with leonard cohen, nick cave & johnny cash – the londoner’s second is accomplished & delightfully self-assured.

The album, which has been 3 years in the making (following a particularly traumatic breakup & painful injury, in which his hand was crushed by, of all things, a heavy fossil), owes as much to early 90’s era indie pop as it does to the late 70’s Goth-disco sound which inspired much of his debut ‘Love in Arms’. Inventive drumming, thumping bass & glossy synths now provide the basis for Bruce’s intriguing & thoughtful lyrics.

Come All Sufferers


  1. Freedom
  2. Sacred Heart
  3. So Many Of You
  4. Come All Sufferers
  5. Metal Soul
  6. This Human Mess
  7. Gates of Babylon
  8. Gifts From God
  9. Jesus Drag Queen
  10. Kurt & Kanye
  11. Hold Me Close, Holy Ghost
  12. I Feel You (download bonus track)