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thee oh sees


castle face


Released: 29th Jul 2016


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2LP & DVD + download

Released: 1st Jul 2016


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Finally, us depraved thee Oh Sees freaks have something to put on at home & pretend like we're there, amongst The thrash & the throb, with the mob all present & pushed to the front.

Dual drummers synced in each ear, Tim Hellman rounding out the bottom & Castle Face’s own John Dwyer up front on guitar, lasering young brains off & fomenting the crowd to a froth - it’s a great band, in a great room, with a great crowd & it’s cooked to perfection.

*** the dvd that comes with the vinyl features live video shot by Brian Lee Hughes & his crew of merry gentlemen. Perched in the belfry of The Chapel they caught thee mighty Oh Sees, alive & in their natural element, with their shutters aflutter & tapes on a roll. Over three nights they pummelled & here are the results ***



  1. I Come From The Mountain
  2. The Dream
  3. Tunnel Time
  4. Tidal Wave
  5. Web
  6. Man In A Suitcase
  7. Toe Cutter Thumb Buster
  8. Withered Hand
  9. Sticky Hulks
  10. Gelatinous Cube
  11. Contraption