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Merlin Tonto


love thy neighbour

cd housed in a 5.25" floppy disc.

Released: 10th Jun 2016

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the 1st proper release from the Brighton faves whose music is never in a hurry to get anywhere - their restraint meaning the joy is as much in the journey as the destination.

recalling variously blanck mass, emeralds, tim hecker or factory floor, they are Named after an early-80’s brand of personal computer, so it's fitting that the EP is splendidly housed in a 5,25’’ floppy disc. Formed in 2013, Merlin Tonto (Owen Thomas (electronics), Miles Boyd (bass) & Steffan Eliades (drums) combine a patient, ever building, subliminal connection in the rhythm section with Owen's virtuoso manipulation of electronics & visual interpretations of the band's otherworldly sounds. these guys are awesome live & we're thrilled to be able to listen to them on headphones now too.



  1. Time Pilot
  2. Shimmering Mist
  3. Forest Primeval
  4. Beat The Sun