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25 25



Released: 19th Aug 2016


white 2LP + download

Released: 19th Aug 2016


for their second full length factory floor crystalize further – by stripping away more and more while refining everything that’s left they’ve completely refined their uniquely claustrophobic and propulsive fragmented techno and the result is devastating.

‘25 25’ manages to retain glimpses of their earlier chris & cosey inspired blast first petite recordings in its starkness but instead of being clattered by crashing guitars and synth stabs you get assaulted by ice cold synths and intense locked grooves that surpass even the brutal rhythms of their self-titled debut. “awkward elegance and cool beauty twinned with repetitious abandonment” – 8/10 uncut

25 25


  1. Meet Me At The End
  2. Relay
  3. Slow Listen
  4. 25/25
  5. Dial Me In
  6. Wave
  7. Ya
  8. Upper Left