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The Strokes

Future Present Past E.P.

cult records

limited 10"

Released: 3rd Jun 2016


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full on garage rock from new york's finest - all fuzzed out bass, interweaving guitars and muffled vocals with just the right amount of experimentation from casablancas and co.

the ep opens strong with 'drag queen', a claustrophobic and dissonant voidz-esque romp that builds and builds to crashing crescendo before pulling itself together with moments before its close. the two remaining new tracks (track 4 being a remix from drummer fab moretti) power through in a similar fashion - pulling in the titular aspects of the strokes career to create something old, new and exactly the same all at once. "The Strokes have gone where we, and perhaps even they, never thought they would: back to the future of rock 'n' roll." - 4/5 nme

Future Present Past E.P.


  1. Drag Queen
  3. Threat of Joy
  4. OBLIVIUS (Fab Moretti Remix)